Vein Surgery & Vascular Treatment Specialists

If human blood vessels were measured in miles, there would be many thousands of each in every body. What exactly do they do? These vessels help to circulate blood throughout your body so that your organs receive fresh blood and your heart can rejuvenate the used cells. Since they play such an important role in your body, a disease or injury to your vascular system can cause major medical issues. First California Physician Partners California Central Coast has a team of vascular doctors ready to assist you when you are having issues with your vascular system.

Spider veins, vascular dementia, cardiovascular disease, varicose veins, and carotid arteries are a small sample of the types of issues that can develop in your vascular system. The cardiologists and vascular ultrasound doctors at our clinic work together to create a treatment plan to assist you in recovering from any disease affecting your cardiovascular system.

Vascular Ultrasound Doctors for Your Disorders

Diagnosing and managing disorders that affect your veins, arteries, and lymphatic systems is the main job of a vascular doctor. These medical specialists perform open operations, reconstructive vascular surgery, endovascular catheter-based procedures, and non-invasive vascular testing and interpretations to learn about your vascular issues and properly treat them. Additionally, the compassionate team at our medical clinic is dedicated to providing you with the healing care you need.

A cardiologist usually works with blood vessels around the heart. A vascular specialist, however, operates on the veins and arteries located throughout the rest of your body. These two specialists work together to help patients achieve the best possible health. When you have been diagnosed with an issue with your vascular system, schedule an appointment with one of our vascular ultrasound doctors. Our team will perform the tests and treatments necessary to diagnose and treat your issue. Call 805-762-4485 today to book an appointment, find detailed provider information, office locations, hours, and more.

Vein Doctors & Vascular Ultrasound Specialists

The vascular doctors at our clinic are trained to deal with a number of different illnesses and issues. Some of the most common conditions we treat are related to atherosclerosis of the carotid artery, varicose veins, and aortic aneurysms. We are also skilled at providing all of the following:

  • Stroke prevention Assistance
  • Trauma Treatments
  • Services for Peripheral Arterial Disease
  • Diabetic Foot Infections
  • Circulation Problems
  • Venous Ulcer Treatment
  • Treating Claudication Issues

Want to learn more about the main illnesses we treat? Here is some helpful information about common vascular issues:

  • Aneurysms – An aneurysm is an enlargement of an artery that can eventually cause a life-threatening rupture if it grows too big. Our vascular doctors can examine your aneurysms to determine which ones are likely to rupture or clot. We can then decide if they need to be repaired or just monitored to protect your health.
  • Atherosclerosis – Known mostly as “the hardening of the arteries,” this disease creates atherosclerotic plaque in your carotid arteries that can potentially break off and travel to your brain. Once in your brain, this plaque can cause a life-threatening stroke. The specialists at our clinic are skilled at determining if your arteries need an intervention so that you can prevent potential strokes.
  • Varicose Veins – A varicose vein is a large, twisted vein that is visible under the surface of your skin. These unattractive veins aren’t just eyesores; they can also cause swelling, leg pain, and even blood clots. Our vein doctors develop treatment plans to minimize the health issues that are caused by varicose veins. Our treatments include the use of compression socks, exercising regiments, and leg elevation. Surgical repairs can also be used to remove bothersome varicose veins or to close them off if nonsurgical treatments fail.

Contact us at 805-762-4485 or use the form on this page to learn more about how our vascular doctors are ready to assist you. Our vascular ultrasound specialists treat patients throughout San Luis Obispo, Templeton, Paso Robles, Nipomo, and Pismo Beach, California.

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