State-of-the-Art Ultrasounds in San Luis Obispo, California

Ultrasounds are becoming increasingly important in medicine, and our practice is proud of the fact that our clinics and hospitals feature the latest in ultrasound technology. First California Physician Partners of California Central Coast is home to regular ultrasounds as well as 3D pregnancy ultrasounds. These advanced techniques allow us to get an even better idea of what is going on inside of you to ensure you and your baby get the attention you need.

Sonography and pregnancy ultrasounds are effective tools when it comes to diagnosing a variety of medical conditions or checking on the development of your baby. These high-quality machines allow our doctors to view and monitor images, including the flow of blood and movement of the body’s internal organs, to see if there are any complications. We also offer an ultrasound schedule for pregnant women so they can routinely check up on their developing baby.

Advanced 3D Pregnancy Ultrasounds

It is exciting to see the scans of your baby as he or she develops inside of you. Some moms, however, might not see much with the grey, blurry outlines that sometimes come with standard 2D ultrasounds. Regular 2D ultrasounds see through your baby to show his or her internal organs, instead of the baby’s actual outline. With 3D pregnancy ultrasounds you are able to see the shape of your baby’s mouth, nose, and movements. This creates a very exciting image that you will love sharing with your loved ones.

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A 3D pregnancy ultrasound shows your child in three dimensions. These scans are for more than just in-the-moment photos or recordings; they are helpful tools for our doctors to use. These impressive pregnancy ultrasounds enable our doctors to get a better understanding of your baby’s growth, including internal organ development, so that any additional care can be provided if necessary.

Ultrasound Schedule for Pregnancies

Ultrasounds are used for different medical issues, but the most popular is to give doctors an idea of how your baby is developing. This painless test arms your doctor with the valuable information he or she needs to monitor your baby’s growth. By adhering to our ultrasound schedule, we are able to track milestones as well as hone in on your due date or detect any abnormalities that may arise. Our pregnancy ultrasounds also help us to determine whether you are carrying multiples, see the position of your placenta, and even detect the sex of your baby.

When working with our trained professionals, you are able to receive safe ultrasounds that can be interpreted with accuracy. Our doctors will sit down with you and discuss an ultrasound schedule that will correlate with the development of your child as well as with any issues that might arise.

Contact us at 844-550-3277 to learn more about how our ultrasounds can give us a better idea of what is going on inside of your body. Our sonography and ultrasound services are available to patients located throughout San Luis Obispo, Templeton, Paso Robles, Nipomo, and Pismo Beach, California.