The Importance of Bone Density

Osteoporosis is a real threat to women, as well as men, as they get older. First California Physician Partners of California Central Coast provides bone density scans to help you learn more about your bone health so you can avoid the problems that come from brittle bones. Our medical provider uses the latest in state-of-the-art bone density tests to see if you have normal bone density or a potential problem.

What Do Bone Density Tests Do?

A bone density scan from our specialist enables us to determine the health and strength of your skeletal system. If your bones aren’t as dense as they should be, you might be diagnosed with osteoporosis, which means you are at risk of breaking a bone. By learning of your issue earlier rather than later, we can treat you better and help you avoid the pain of broken bones. Once we know you have osteoporosis, we can begin to treat you and keep track of your progress to see if your medicine is working and your bone density is improving.

Who should have a bone density test? Usually you lose density as you get older and our bone density specialist recommends that you receive a scan if:

  • You Are a Woman Age 65 or Older
  • You Are a Man Age 75 or Older
  • You Break a Bone after Age 50
  • You Are a Woman of Menopausal Age with Risk Factors
  • You Are a Post-Menopausal Woman under the Age of 65 with Risk Factors
  • You Are a Man Age 50-60 with Risk Factors
  • Your Height Loss Is Over a Certain Amount within a Year
  • You Suffer From Extreme Back Pain

A bone density test is usually prescribed to you if you meet certain age requirements or health issues. When you visit our bone density specialist, we will discuss your needs with you and perform the scan so you can quickly find out if you are dealing with osteoporosis or not. Call 844-550-3277 today to book an appointment, find detailed provider information, office locations, hours, and more.

Treatments for Brittle Bones

If you find that you have osteoporosis, our specialists will recommend treatments that reduce your chance of breaking a bone. Medicine and other techniques can be used to improve the density of your brittle bones, and our specialists will keep track of your progress to ensure you are on the right path toward recovery.

Having low bone density or osteopenia doesn’t mean you have osteoporosis, but it does mean you have a better chance of developing it in the future. The sooner you can diagnose bone density problems, the quicker our team can begin a treatment process to help you avoid osteoporosis, broken bones, and other health issues.

Contact us at 844-550-3277 to learn more about the importance of bone density testing. We perform bone density scans for patients located in San Luis Obispo, Templeton, Paso Robles, Nipomo, and Pismo Beach, California.